april theses / chord chartsNovember 16, 2022

The Cherished NPA

To the tune of the Official IRA's Army of the People


This is an Official IRA song, called The Army of the People. We rewrote it to be about the New People's Army (NPA) in the Philippines.

Like the heroic struggle of the Irish people against hundreds of years of English rule, the Philippine struggle for liberation against US imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat-capitalism continues today (learn more here). The civil war in the Philippines is a war against foreign domination, exploitation, poverty, and suffering.

The NPA is the army of the Filipino people in their war against the US and its puppets. And because we love the people and hate their enemies, we cherish the NPA!


Verse 1 G CIn service of working people and peasants who till by hand, G DTo fight and die until they drive the US from their lands.G CYoung and old, side by side, fighting day by day, G C D GThey are the Army of the People, the courageous NPA.Verse 2G CThey are there as history's taught them the errors of the past,G DThey know that freedom doesn't mean rule by a puppet class.G CBureaucrats call them traitors, and at every chance they betray G C D GThe Army of the People, the righteous NPA.Verse 3G CThey can win the people's war, end bigotry and greed. G DThe struggle is a worker's one, so every man might lead, G CA life that is his own, in a land where he can say: G C D G"Up the Army of the People, our cherished NPA!"Verse 4 G CBeware the risen people, who know they're gonna win,G DNational democracy will lead us on 'till then, G CAnd if you want a Philippines that's socialist and unchained, G C D GJoin the Army of the People, the glorious NPA! G C D GJoin the Army of the People, the glorious NPA!